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Paul Morland: The Power of Population

April 2, 2024


In this week’s episode, Tom and Helen chat to demographer Paul Morland about the geopolitics and economics of demography, and why population matters…


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Sayantani G
Sayantani G
2 months ago

Very interesting. Just some quibbles with the data cited on India- the falling fertility rate is not very dramatic as of now. It does however show greater increase in the Muslim demographic for which some causes cited are illegal immigrants like the Rohingyas, instead of Indian Muslims.
Second- I wish Mr Morland had gone into the great backstopping in terms of demographics in Britain’s World Wars. In both WW 2 and 1 the troops from the subcontinent played a numerically significant role. Hope to see him dwell on this aspect if you do a later programme.

Nancy Kmaxim
Nancy Kmaxim
2 months ago

The “birth control “ which is currently being offered to women worldwide is toxic for women, and requires nothing of their sexual partners. Women are encouraged to be sexually available 24/7/365. “NEVER SAY NO THANK ! “. ( unless you’re unacceptably dependent, because all independent women are sexually available 24/7/365). Women need to expect more.

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