Dinosaurs vs. God

The original culture war

March 28, 2024
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The discovery of dinosaurs upended our understanding of the origins of the world and made way for the secular age we’re living in. Now atheism seems to be falling back out of fashion, what does the war between rationalism and religion have to tell us about our future? Author and historian Michael Taylor joins UnHerd’s Giles Fraser to talk about his new book ‘Impossible Monsters’. You can watch the full interview above.


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J Bryant
J Bryant
2 months ago

A very interesting discussion. Well done, Unherd.
Although the historical discussion was great, I’m not sure the speakers spent much time on the question of how much “the war between rationalism and religion” in the 19th century tells us about where we’re headed today. Perhaps invite Michael and Giles back to elaborate on that question?

Melanie Mabey
Melanie Mabey
2 months ago

A lovely exposition illustrating that ‘History is always written by the Victors’; and the more interesting history is in the things not said, not covered or out-right banned. 

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