Freddie Sayers on

The disinformation movement

April 24, 2024
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Following an explosive investigation into the Global Disinformation Index, viewed 8 million times on X/Twitter, UnHerd has been contacted by dozens of lawmakers and activists raising concerns about rating agencies like the GDI. In this update video, Freddie Sayers addresses a House of Lords committee on the chilling effect of censorship and makes a case to defund the ‘disinformation industry’.

You can watch the full video above.


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Prashant Kotak
Prashant Kotak
1 month ago

Really, really interesting, and well done UnHerd and Freddie Sayers for bringing this into the light.

What struck me about the Lords session attended by Freddie, was the cluelessness on display by the great and the good about where the freedom of expression demarcations are, so to speak. For example, that snippet where Dido Harding parried back about the difficulties of distinguishing disformation from hostile nation states if free speech is deemed sacrosanct, was I thought telling. I have no idea if Dido Harding has any children, but if so I would be curious to know if they ever got tipped out with the bathwater when they were little. The primacy of free speech in the types of situations under discussion should not even be up for debate if you consider yourself a citizen of free nations. That it so patently is now under challenge, as the Covid years have so vividly demonstrated, is I feel a symptom of the fact that an overall lower quality of people are now entering the political arena and rising to the top. And if they are clueless now about how to protect free speech in the world of fast moving mass sentiment switches because of global digital social media, they are in for a real shock when soon enough, AI generated spoofing removes all possibility of being ever able to discern the true source or legitimacy of large tracts of any information at all.

J Bryant
J Bryant
1 month ago

Well done, Unherd.
You’ll have to keep the pressure on these organizations. My guess is the GDI isn’t responding to your reporting because it believes the negative publicity will blow over. And in the UK, there will soon be an election that’s almost guaranteed to be a Labour landslide. I’m guessing Labour will be more sympathetic to the politicized goals of organizations like the GDI.

Simon Boudewijn
Simon Boudewijn
1 month ago

Haha, way to miss the point Freddy. The DARPA, NSA, CIA, MI6, DODs, et all are the entire funders, and creators of these Orwellian Industries.

You went to the great Halls of the People of Britain, of Freedom – now fully taken over (Kenneth Grahamesk) by the Weasels.

Do you recall that scene in Wind in the Willows where Mole, Badger, Toad, and Ratty charge in the Stolen Great Palace the weasels have taken, and with cudgels leap among them and:::

”The Mighty Badger, his great cudgel whistling through the air”
”Mole, black and grim, brandishing his stick and shouting his awful war-cry, ‚ÄúA Mole! A Mole!‚ÄĚ
”Rat, desperate and determined,”
”Toad frenzied with excitement, swollen to twice his size,”” emitting a Toad-whoop that chilled them to the marrow!”

”the panic-stricken weasels” ” broke and fled with squeals of terror and dismay, this way and that, through the windows, up the chimney, anywhere to get out of reach of those terrible sticks.”

This Freddy – is how you should have pressed your argument at the HOL. To take Cromwell –

You have sat here too long for any good you have been doing lately ‚Ķ In the name of God go.””

But no, you tiptoed in your velvet slippers, more of W Booth’s style:

””Feather-footed through the plashy fen passes the questing vole””

at this meeting of the ‘Press and Government, and they pulled the full Lord Haw-Haw on you, and you bought it.

Come on Freddy – these goons are total Fas* ists, total Big Brother – they know full well all this Media Suppression; this complete attack on Free Speech and the Citizen, is From the Government. They know they are the source of it all.

They ask their silly questions, pet your ego, say how they are on your side – give you the old:

” Captain Renault: I’m shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here”

Haha, and so are they all quite shocked that freedom of Speech is being stomped on by their huge, hob-nailed, boots. (as in that too grim Orwellian line)

So Unherd gave me a free month, haha, so I am back, Hi, all you sheep….

(pardon the Wind in the Willows bit – I just kept seeing it as they sat there in that classic, beautifull, room. Like they were interlopers and did not belong there. A/C ‘Dirty Deeds – Done Dirt Cheep’ would be their motto. All the Western Governments are weasels – Have you interviewed Bridgen yet?)

AJ Mac
AJ Mac
1 month ago

Whereas you would have sputtered and shouted, shutting the ears of all who don’t already look through a paranoid, good (us) vs. evil (them) lens like yours:
“Haha! Ye demented fools, know ye not that I am the self-appointed judge of all souls, the touched-in-the-head soothsaying pied piper lately released from a locked institution against the wishes of my persecutors? Ha ha, hee hee–ye wolf-hearted sheep!!”
In the tangled forest of your brain: Are non-Western governments free of Weasels?
Get some version of a grip dude.

thomas Schinkel
thomas Schinkel
1 month ago

Freddie, you’re the best journalist of our times. By Far! From your interviews with Sweden’s Anders Tegnell and his predecessor at the beginning of COVID-19, to today, your calm demeanor and polite but persistent interviewing style is simply the best. Bravo!

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