February 12, 2024 - 5:01pm

→ Kanye West’s album launch

This weekend Kanye ‘Ye’ West released his new album ‘Vultures’. It is the rapper’s first since promising to go “death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE”, leading to a whole host of brands and labels to drop him as a result. Both the album’s artwork and lyrics suggest that West has not relinquished these views, but in any case his popularity remains: Vultures is now #1 in over 100 countries on Apple Music. Was Kanye right when he said that he could not be cancelled?

→ RFK Jr.’s apology

It was one of the most memorable ads from yesterday’s SuperBowl primetime. Drawing a stark contrast with celebrity-riddled skits featuring Ben Affleck in a garish orange tracksuit and Beyonce as an astronaut, RFK Jr.’s ad was a throwback in time. Using the same jingle and videography from John F. Kennedy’s 1960 campaign video, RFK Jr.’s face was superimposed onto the ad, telling Americans to vote independent in 2024. The $7m Super PAC-funded ad was mostly well-received online — except for one crucial demographic: Kennedy’s own family. He was subsequently forced to apologise for the “pain caused” for borrowing from his uncle’s ad, adding that he was not consulted. Just how sorry is RFK? The ad is still pinned to the top of his X profile

→ Gender critical rector appointed at Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh has announced that writer and Stonewall co-founder Simon Fanshawe will be its next rector.  Having been involved in Stonewall’s inception in 1989, Fanshawe has become increasingly vocal in his support for gender-critical feminism in recent years, and has challenged the charity’s pivot on policies regarding transgender people. As Rob Lownie reports for UnHerd, Fanshawe’s appointment has been polarising, with one university staff member posting online that it was “unwelcome” news while elsewhere, the Edinburgh Academics for Academic Freedom (AFAF) described it as “terrific”. Are gender critical views slowly becoming acceptable once again in academia?